Business Highway 17 runs through the heart of this old fishing village, lined on the east by aromatic tidal and salt marsh creeks. The otherwise fast-paced thoroughfare meanders under ancient oaks by many unique seafood restaurants, ranging from old, weathered, time-honored culinary jewels and those with third generation chefs and proprietors to more recent dining establishments with troubadours to delight evening diners.

Founded in the late eighteenth century by a Captain Morrall, Murrells Inlet has supplied the Waccamaw Neck with fresh seafood for over 200 years. Fleets of deep-sea fishing boats lie at anchor here and journey daily to the Gulf Stream, bringing an abundance of offshore delicacies.

Just off Murrells Inlet lies Drunken Jack Island, where, according to local legend, a pirate was accidentally marooned with no provisions save his shipmates' excess rum supply. Months later, when the ship returned to load up the rum cargo, all the crew found was case after empty rum case, spent rum bottles all along the shore, and the bleached bones of poor Jack. The treasure of Blackbeard is also reputed to be buried here.